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LNQ23 Results— What occupation would you hold in the Star Wars Universe?

My Response: Disregarding the fact that I’d join up with Rogue Squadron in a heartbeat. I feel like I’d have two completely different alternatives, I think it’d be great to join up with CorSec. I’ve never really felt like a “police” officer was a cool job (until Corran Horn came along~), but I’d really like the Smuggling Interdiction Division~. Just working undercover and catching bad guys in general would be pretty sweet.

My other career alternative would be to go outside the law and become a smuggler or a slicer because really it’d be like going undercover without the law on your side. I think working for Talon Karrde would be a great place for this career path to take me.

Survey says: We have a good majority of bounty hunters, a number of various pilots (from snubfighters to freighters), and some various jobs studying other species.

Favorite Responses: 

darthambiguous answered: Not sure what I would do, but damn sure I wouldn’t be a Death Star Laser Technician. You can’t even get life insurance for those jobs anymore

allfinehere answered: Haha. Is there even another answer besides Rogue Squadron pilot?

jamesironfrenzy answered: I’d work somewhere on Coruscant. Maybe as a bartender. Gotta love a planet covered by a city.

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LNQ23— What occupation would you hold in the Star Wars Universe?

Please consider: If you choose Jedi/Sith, pick an additional occupation because I know how much a lot of you guys love the Sith and would want that to be your full time job! :)
Also: You don’t have to limit yourself to jobs within politics or military. 

Bonus: Why?

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LNQ22 Results— Who is the greatest foe the Rebellion/New Republic faced?

My Response: I feel like this is definitely a toss up between Thrawn and Isard for me. They’re both different types of enemies, one was a military strategist, the other was an intelligence director. I think Thrawn could have outsmarted the New Republic for forever, he was by far the most brilliant opponent that they went up against. Isard was just down right evil. A lying, conniving, crazy women, who I felt like wouldn’t stop popping up and just being evil. She always had ulterior motives which always pissed me off while reading about her.

I can definitely say that I originally was so pissed off about Thrawn and his abilities but I’ve learned to appreciate his great ability to outsmart nearly everyone. Isard, well, I will forever want to punch her in the face.

So as far as greatest foe, I’d say Thrawn. As far as, most annoying/hated, I’d go with Isard.

Survey says: Thrawn by a landslide - I don’t think there ever was a competition.

Favorite Responses: 

thedancingbastard answered: No Darth Vader? I find your lack of faith disturbing.

foolishpreparation answered: Thrawn. Because he was a badass genius who studied art, for heavens sake. And because the NJO foes were just cop-out unbeatables.

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LNQ22— Who is the greatest foe the Rebellion/New Republic faced?

Examples: Palpatine, Thrawn, Isard, etc.
Bonus: As always, why?

Aside: Before anyone picks him, I’m not considering Darth Vader in this because he wasn’t really the man with the plan~~. 

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LNQ21 Results— Take your pick: Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, or Princess Leia?

My Response: I thought this would have been a lot easier choice than it was. I like each of these characters in the films a lot. I’m probably going to go with Luke Skywalker because he really had the biggest change out of the three of them and I’m a fan of a guy who can be virtually calm in a snowspeeder battle, when his supposed wing is not responding to him (cough Hobbie~). But really though, he does make the change from whiny farm boy to Jedi Knight quite swiftly and quite gracefully for the amount of time he did it in. 

Survey says: A tie between Solo and Skywalker (I was really banking on a three way tie, but this works!)

Favorite Responses: 

postagulous answered:  To have lunch with, Leia. To shovel snow with, Luke. To follow, Han.

deadreckoning answered: Han Solo. Hyperspace isn’t like dusting crops.

bumtickerj answered: Solo, he knows how to have a good time.

8 January 2011 @ 21:48

LNQ21— Take your pick: Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, or Princess Leia?

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LNQ20 Results— Who wins in a race through Beggar’s Canyon: “the wampa that gets it’s arm cut off or the guy* who gets his arm cut off by Obi-Wan in the bar?”

My Response: I think it’s pretty easy to say that a wampa in this situation would be like Lieutenant Kettch, whereas, you don’t think he’d be a pilot but SURPRISE he is! In that respect, I think that the fact that Ponda is racing a wampa would just stun him silly, allowing the wampa to take the lead and win.

Survey says: Ponda Baba

Favorite Responses: 

thedancingbastard answered: The Canyon always wins.

senpezeco-starwars answered: Ponda Baba lazily flies through Beggar’s Canyon to the finish, since the Wampa is back at the starting line mauling womp rats. WAMPAWOMPWHOMP

senor-jenkins answered: I would have to say Ponda Baba because he has a pretty bitchin’ jacket. Jackets make the pilot.

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LNQ20— Who wins in a race through Beggar’s Canyon: “the wampa that gets it’s arm cut off or the guy* who gets his arm cut off by Obi-Wan in the bar?”

*Ponda Baba. As always with random situational questions, I asked my brother for two random characters—him describing the characters is always quality and he always wants me to include his phrasing in the question~.  

Bonus: Why?
Bonus: The race can happen pre or post the arm chopping. 
Also: For the sake of argument, let’s pretend a wampa can pilot things….this is so not plausible, but whatever!

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LNQ19 Results— Who do you think is an under appreciated character in the SW Universe?

My Response: Where to begin really? I think my number one is Elegos A’Kla. I’m not much for politicians but I liked him before he became a Senator. He won my heart over in I, Jedi when he became Corran’s manservant (I love that word) and helped him work at becoming a Jedi during his time with the Invids. I don’t know how to describe just how awesome he is but I really think that people need to remember him more especially with what he did during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion~.

My number two is, naturally, a starfighter pilot, Pash Cracken. Fresh out of the Imperial Academy, he got his entire wing of TIEs to defect to the Rebel Alliance. He later left his A-Wing Squadron to join Rogue Squadron because he needed to reassess how well he was actually flying. After his stint he subtly helped the Rogues with their battle against Isard on Thyferra. Pretty much, he’s just really awesome and I feel like he’s one of those pilots who aren’t always in the main light, so it’s easy to just forget about him. 

There are a few others but I’ll leave those for another story time~

Survey says: A nice tie between Bail Organa and Booster Terrik. I would definitely go ahead and check out the other tumblr answers though. Because there are some good ones.

Favorite Responses:

allfinehere: First, I think Talon Kardde because he’s a pretty awesome guy, and helped out the New Republic multiple times despite their distrust of him. I also love Booster. He’s so tough and clever and I think he’s sort of hilarious. I mean, a red Star Destroyer?

allfinehere answered: Okay I already answered but I also love Whistler. He’s clever and loyal and keeps Corran in line! xD

skatingwookie answered: Malakili and the Rancor. They fell into the classic a “boy and his dog” story, but stupid Luke had to go and kill the Rancor. That bitch.

thedancingbastard answered: Chewbacca. No medal. NO MEDAL!

brokenswingset answered: Greedo. some people think he wasnt great because han killed him so easily. i think he’s pretty cool

4 January 2011 @ 23:17 2

LNQ19 reblog— Who do you think is an under appreciated character in the SW Universe?

Basically a character from either the films or the Expanded Universe (or both!) that you love but just is often forgotten in the public eye. They don’t necessarily have to be someone with the biggest impact. 

Bonus: Why?
Bonus: You can definitely have multiple answers. I have two that I can think of off the top of my head. If you run out of room for them send them over to the ask bossk (hardyharhar). 

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