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LNQ14— Who is the key member of the Rebellion?

My Response: Well, I’d like to give this one to many Bothans because without them…where would be, really? 

Survey says: There was a nice assortment of answers. I think overall Leia gets the win. I think it was a tie between like four or five different people but I’m giving it to her.

Favorite Responses: 

allfinehere said: I’m thinking R2-D2. If he never got himself to Tatooine, Luke would have never met Obi-Wan and would have been an angsty, disgruntled moisture farming teen for at least another season - in which case it would have been too late for the Rebellion.

erublog answered: A village of Ewoks.

andystewart answered: Many bothans.

14 December 2010 @ 01:16 6

LNQ14— Who is the key member of the Rebellion?

12 December 2010 @ 21:47 15

LNQ13 Results— Who is the greatest member of the Imperial Navy during the movies?

My Response: I’m going to have to give this one to Admiral Piett. Which until now, I had no idea his first name was Firmus. Which is quite a grand name. On a side, the names of characters are part of the reason I love Star Wars. Anyways, greatest member because he probably lived the longest in the Imperial Navy under Darth Vader’s watchful eye—which automatically means you’re doing something right.

Survey says: Piett and Bast.

Favorite Responses: 

sedatephobia answered: TK-421.

lastpictureshow answered: admiral piett for all the reasons ‘assumingdirectcontrol’ listed. i think NOT getting choked by vader is a sign you’re doing your job right

12 December 2010 @ 21:39 2

LNQ13— Who is the greatest member of the Imperial Navy during the movies?

11 December 2010 @ 02:49 8

LNQ12 Results— What type of droid would you own?

My Response: I think it’s quite obvious that I’d pick an astromech—specifically an R2 unit. They’re the most handy and have the best personalities. I’d name him something awesome like Doctor Gonzo. My astromech didn’t go to med school for nothing! 

Survey says: It seems a majority of my followers are Sith in the Rebellion who own Assassin droids…. I don’t know exactly how I feel about this…. Haha, just kidding, you guys are fantastic! :)

Favorite Responses: 

ezezez answered: I would like an R2/Artoo unit that I would name Sparky

siegkyle answered: Protocal/Assassin. The combo would be pretty nice. Helping me with negotiations, both formal and hostile.

11 December 2010 @ 00:58 4

LNQ12— What type of droid* would you own?

Bonus: What’s the droid’s nickname?

*Be as specific as you wish.

9 December 2010 @ 22:25 11

LNQ11 Results— Which is your favorite non-human species in Star Wars?

My Response: Gands. They have such a different society and culture but I understand it and it makes sense. Not to mention, who doesn’t love Ooryl Qrygg? One of my favorite non-humans. On a side, I loved when Ooryl became a janwuine and he was making all these funny statements, finally, in first person. :)

Survey says: A satisfying tie between Twi’leks, Wookiees and Mon Calamari. Runners up: Chiss and Jawa.

 Favorite Responses: 

senpezeco-starwars answered: The Thakwaash. I mean, Wraith Squadron pilot Hohass Ekwesh is just a dude with a horse’s head tacked on. They all are. They look ridiculous.

allfinehere answered: Selonians. They’re like giant otters. Giant, kickass otters.

9 December 2010 @ 22:20 1

LNQ11— Which is your favorite non-human species in Star Wars?

8 December 2010 @ 22:25 16

LNQ10 Results— You live in the SW Galaxy, what planet are you from?

My Response: I generally say Corellia if asked this question. To change things up, today, I am going to not say Corellia. I’d probably live on Coruscant for my working career but I’d be from Taanab. Preferably I’d be born around the same time as a Senor Wes Janson, so we could grow up and be crazy hooligans together. We’d probably cause boatloads of trouble. And it’d be swell. 

Survey says: Corellia—which well, is quite an obvious choice, seeing as if you were born there there’s a 50% chance you’ll be a badass smuggler or a 50% chance you’d be a stellar member of CorSec and later work for the New Republic as a starfighter pilot or in Intelligence. Runners up: Alderaan and Anaxes. 

Favorite Responses: 

erublog answered: Dac (Mon Calamari). I’m sick of the Hoth-like winters of Michigan. I want to live somewhere tropical. With fish that make space ships.

thedroidyourelookingfor answered: Anaxes! We have an Imperial Military parade every hour! Free Death Star Balloons!

senpezeco-starwars answered: Tepasi! Home of achtnaks and technocrats. Filthy rich technocrats. Like, lie-down-and-die-rich.

8 December 2010 @ 22:20 2

LNQ10— You live in the SW Galaxy, what planet are you from?

Double digits!! Thanks goes to everyone who has been participating in these so far! Feel free to post a response if you haven’t yet.

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