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LNQ Results: Top 5 favorite Star Wars characters

My response: I had about a list of twenty or so favorites. I’ve somehow narrowed it down to nearly~ five.

  1. Corran Horn & Wedge Antilles
  2. Ooryl Qrygg
  3. Wes Janson
  4. Ton Phanan & Face Loran
  5. Elegos A’kla

All the ones I would put into this list, if five really meant like twenty: Tycho Celchu, Hobbie Klivian, Whistler, Gavin Darklighter, Booster Terrik, Mirax Terrik, Mara Jade, Ghent, Talon Karrde, Soontir Fel, Thrawn, and most of the rest of the Rogues and Wraiths. I’m probably missing some key favorites. 

Favorite Responses

allfinehere answered: YES HERE WE GO. 1. Corran Horn 2. Wedge Antilles 3. Mirax Terrik Horn 4. Booster Terrik 5. Wes Janson Runner Up: WHISTLER

theringadingkid answered: 5)Porkins 4)Nien Nunb 3) Han 2) General Veers 1)!/BowT

senpezeco answered: Oh, you know… Orman Tagge, Cassio Tagge, Silas Tagge, Ulric Tagge, and Domina Tagge :P

retrostarwars answered: Dexter Jettster, Greeta, Joh Yowza, Lumpawaroo, Rune Haako

stolendatatapes answered: So hard. I’ll try. Films: Han, Luke, Leia, Lando, Chewie (trite, perhaps, but there it is). EU: Corran, Wedge (I know he’s in the movies, but really, it’s the EU that makes him a fully realized character), Talon Karrde, Mara Jade, Ooryl Qrygg.

8 September 2011 @ 22:54 6

LNQ43 Results— Who is(/are) your least favorite character(s) in the Star Wars Universe?

My Response:  There are characters that I like dislike as people who fall into the “least favorite character” pile and there are characters who are just terrible characters (i.e. some prequel era VIPs—Jar Jar and a young Anakin Skywalker).

So, for the former of the two, my least favorite characters are: 1) Ysanne Isard because she’s just 100% for herself and a bitch and annoying. 2) Boba Fett because I was never into the hype of him and don’t think he’s that cool and he’s annoying. 3) Bossk because he killed Hal Horn. 4) Erisi Dlarit because if you’ve read the Rogue books, you know. 5) Kyp Durron because, well, I’m sorry he just kept rolling down hill with everything he did in his life. 

Survey says: I think pre-Vader Anakin, Starkiller and Jar Jar all had some multiple votes.

Favorite Responses: 

mikeydoodles answered: Is Jar Jar Binks too obvious? Also, Pre-Vader Anakin. “Waaaah! I never do what I want!” Way to be a Jedi there, champ.

senpezeco answered: LNQ!! I agree with the choice of pre-Vader Anakin. WAH WAH SAND WAH I’LL GO BROOD OVER HERE NOW WAH WAH OBI-WAN IS SUCH A JERRRK WAHHH

jedibusiness answered: Wicket, actually all the Ewoks. They just took me out of the Star Wars experience.

-spacemonkeymafia answered: Controversial opinion: Mara Jade. As the books progressed into the NJO, she became too much an vital part of the series, to Leia’s detriment.

14 March 2011 @ 22:48 4

LNQ41 Results— In the annual Solo v. Skywalker softball game, which team wins?

My Response: I’m giving this to Solo because in my version, there’s no Force powers and I feel like Luke would just SUCK at any sports without any help from the Force. I think Han’s first pick would be Chewie because…really…there’s no other choice. I think Luke would pick Biggs because in my version it’s also pre-Battle of Yavin. 

Survey says: Team Solo knocked this one out of the park.

Favorite Responses:

erublog said: Skywalker, obviously. The ability to swing long bat-like objects is strong in his family. Obviously Mara would be the first pick, as he’s rather whipped. 

theringadingkid answered: Luke strikes out at every at bat on a technicality as his saber incinerates every Han hurls at him. Han picks first: Greedo.

damtem answered: With Chewie batting cleanup, the Solo’s take it 8-5. Luke picks Mara Jade because he’s a sweetie. For Han’s team, Greedo bats first.

19 February 2011 @ 22:59 2

LNQ40 Results— Which is your favorite era of Star Wars?

My Response: I think it’s pretty safe to say my favorite time period was the late Rebellion Era/Early New Republic Era. There’s just a lot of crazy accomplishments that occur during this time and it’s not just by our loving main characters but a lot of other people too. I mean, c’mon, the Rogues were the leading force in bringing Coruscant back to the Republic during this time period. That’s pretty epic.

Survey says: Rebellion/Galactic Civil War (the time the movies are set~) was an easy win here.

Favorite Responses:

likeafinalboss answered: The Galactic Civil War for sure. I like Jedi but reading about everyday people doing amazing things is still awesome. *cough*Wedge*cough*

jediramblings answered: NJO - Hear me out here. Jacen Solo is my power animal. My future first born son will be named Jacen. Jacen=bad ass here, and shit out of room

thelovelytucan answered: Old Republic. Everything was just more awesome when Alderaan was in one piece. 

17 February 2011 @ 23:22 4

LNQ38 Results— Who wins in a game of red rover, the Rebellion or the Empire?

My Response: I’m going to give this to the Rebellion, if only for the fact that they’ll have Wookiees on their side…and well…I’m sure that the Imps wouldn’t be able to get through them, at all. And the Rebellion had to kill time somehow at their bases on all those backwater planets.

Survey says: Looks like it’s a tie between the two.

Favorite Responses:

allfinehere answered: I’d have to go with the Empire, because I believe Red Rover is a game they used as a team building exercise on Carida.

likeafinalboss answered: Well the Rebellion is an expert at breaking blockades so…

andrewjdv answered: The Rebellion, because between two Imps is a small weakness no bigger than a womp rat, hard to hit but not impossible…

cellarghosts answered: Neither, in the middle of the game the Yuuzhan Vong show up and lay the smackdown on everyone.

14 February 2011 @ 21:35 6

LNQ37 Results— Who do you pick for your capture the flag team: Lando or Tarkin?

My Response: Lando. He’ll be like the Handsome Rob of my team. Also on my team: Mara Jade. Corran Horn. Wedge Antilles. Face Loran. Starkiller. Soontir Fel. Thrawn. Some Noghri.

Survey says: Lando because he’ll charm the ladiez~

Favorite Responses:

brokenswingset answered: Boba Fett. Lando. Ewok. Wookie. Ewok. Ewok. Ewok. Master Chief. Ewok. and a SandTrooper

foolishpreparation answered: Lando. Tarkin’s ego would be a hindrance. But Mara Jade would get the flag for my team, no contest. Because she’s badass.

likeafinalboss answered: Choose Lando? In our moment of triumph? Tarkin will carry us to victory.

allfinehere answered: I want a whole team of Ewoks. Look how well they did against the Empire! So then I’d have to pick Lando because I can’t see Tarkin getting along with them. Because they’re adorable and he’s…not.

Roommate’s response: Tarkin. Keira Knightley (her, not her character), a wookiee with a crossbow (not Chewbacca), Luke Skywalker, Jabba the Hutt (to sit on the flag), Darth Maul, Aayla Secura (because she was super fast in battlefront), Ponda Baba (he can use his amputated arm as a club), Sam Jackson, and Nien Nunb

11 February 2011 @ 22:17 1

LNQ36 Results— What’s the first thing you’d do if the Millennium Falcon and the Rebellion/New Republic Fleet came to Earth?

I’m leaving this question open so that if you want to still respond you can and I’ll just update this if I get more.

My Response: I think my initial reaction would be: pack my bags, find Wedge Antilles, ask to join the Rogue Squadron crew until I can become a good enough pilot for the Rogues, or a squadron (Taanab Yellow Aces, pls. Wes Janson would be the greatest commanding officer ever). Also: Try to get some kind of shot to cure my asthma, fix my vision, and there’s probably something to cure my motion sickness, I’m sure Cilghal could work something out.
Actually, really, to be honest with you guys, I’d really just want to forever hang out with Wes Janson and Face Loran. So, I’ll go find them.

Survey says: I think freak out and join the Rebellion was the main idea.

Favorite Responses:

LNQ Winner: remmbermytitans answered: Have them take me to Alderaan… oh wait.

bricevanhook answered: I would make peace with them and then try to win the millennium falcon in a sabacc game

andrewjdv answered: “What took you so long….”

bblo answered: start an investigation on george lucas because, how the hell did he knew about their existence??

thedirtiestdozen answered: sell my speeder

9 February 2011 @ 21:49 6

LNQ35 Results— Who would you rather be: Han Solo or Boba Fett?

My Response: Wes Janson because I wouldn’t want to be either. The only person worth being in the Star Wars universe is Wes Janson.

Survey says: I’m surprised that it is Han and not Boba Fett because a lot of you surely do love ze Fett.

Favorite Responses: 

starwarrior answered: Carbonite or Sarlacc Pit…hmm. I’ll disregard any EU what-the-fuck-ever and assume Boba is slowly digested over a thousand years. Han Solo.

bricevanhook answered: Han Solo because he gets the ladies not the sarlacc

LNQ Winner: brokenswingset answered: Zuckuss!

8 February 2011 @ 20:46 4

LNQ34 Results— Who would you rather be: Han Solo, Harrison Ford, or Indiana Jones?

My Response: Asking this question is basically like dividing by zero. Sorry, Han Solo. I’m all for being a treasure hunter, so Indy is who I’d be. I love archaeology and that idea of an adventure to find historical artifacts. Plus Young Indy is played by Sean Patrick Flanery. So you know you’re living a good life throughout the ages.

Survey says: I don’t think there was a doubt that it wouldn’t be Han. Indy did give him a little bit of a run though.

Favorite Responses:

The LNQ Winner: allfinehere answered: President James Marshall.

foolishpreparation answered: Indiana Jones. He shoots first too, but he gets a whip and an army of obsessed female students that could’ve taken down the Empire in 30 min.

jedibusiness answered: Han Solo. Riding with Chewie in the Millenium Falcon, and coming home to Princess Leia every night are reason enough.

Token LNQ Response: potatotoes answered: Boba Fett!

7 February 2011 @ 22:13 5


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